Building Local Citations

Wondering what local citations are and how they benefit your online marketing in August 2020? Local citations are essentially any mention of a business’ contact details, including name, phone number, trading hours and address, on trusted websites. This can assist search engines, and your potential customers, to assign a higher level of trust in your business. In other words, they know where you’re located, when you’re open and how to contact you. Read more here.

Building citations can be a time consuming process, however it is a worthwhile investment of your time, especially given the large shift to doing business online in 2020 due to the government restrictions.

Here areĀ a few updated examples of online citations you might like to consider for your online marketing activities:



Before building any type of online citation, be sure to research any potential websites you’re considering to ensure they’re legitimate, human edited platforms.

Let us know in the comments below if you know any good citation platforms.


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