Office Space for Tech Startups

Launching a tech business can be an incredibly exciting time but also come with huge amounts of obstacles to overcome in order to be successful.

Building your product, attracting users, seeking funding and hiring staff are just some of the things a successful tech startup will need to navigate along the way.

With most startups being born out of home offices, including success stories such as Apple, IBM, Amazon and more, working out of a garage or spare bedroom is a cost effective way of getting your big idea off the ground.

However, with any luck eventually you’ll outgrow your garage and need to expand into office space. With many different options available, choosing the right office space is crucial to the success of your business. Here are 3 options that any growing tech startup should consider:

  • Serviced Offices – Rather than using your precious runway on an expensive fixed term lease, Serviced offices provide all the benefits of a traditional CBD space however provide much higher levels of flexibility and cost savings. Most good Serviced Office provides allow you to move into bigger spaces as your business grows and include all outgoings in one fixed monthly fee.
  • Co-Working Spaces – Perhaps one of the most popular choices is co working spaces. These are generally cheaper than a Serviced Office however you may find yourself crowded and distracted from the all ‘billionaire wannabes’.
  • Coffee Shops – Don’t be tempted to try and work out of coffee shops! Sure they have free Wi Fi and good coffee, but your productivity levels will likely be sub optimal in a public space.


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