What are Electric Bikes?

Electric Bikes, or E-Bikes as they are otherwise known, feature integrated electric motors which offer pedaling assistance to the rider. This means that there is much less effort required to build and maintain your speed resulting in a much more relaxed morning commute or weekend adventure.

E-Bikes feature ranges of up to 80km in-between charges and can reach speeds of up to 27km/h meaning that you can cut your morning commute time or explore places beyond your current fitness level on weekends, all without arriving as a sweaty mess!

E-Bikes are classified as bicycles in Australia which means you don’t need a license to ride one on public roads as you would with a scooter or moped. The electric motor only provides assistance when the rider is pedaling allowing you to stay in control at all times. Most models feature incremental levels of pedal assist which allows you to select the perfect level of assistance for your fitness level and manage your battery levels on longer rides.

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